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Step into a world where every word sparks a new thought. These Featured Speakers are storytellers, innovators, and trailblazers from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique flair. They’re not just speakers; they’re experience creators, ready to transform your event into a memorable journey.

Laugh, learn, and lead with insights from the best in the business, handpicked for their expertise and ability to connect. Discover the speaker who’ll make your next event a resounding success.

Featured Speaker Jerome Mayne
Jerome Mayne

Jerome Mayne: Motivational Ethics Speaker

Passion Humor and Wisdom in Motivational Speaking

For over two decades, Jerome Mayne has graced the stage as a motivational keynote speaker, captivating audiences with a blend of serious content, humor, and heartfelt storytelling. His journey is one marked by triumph and transformation, seamlessly integrating his past as a stand-up comedian, his profound experience with white-collar crime, and the resilience of surviving cancer and heart surgery​.

Keynote Speaker’s Background

Jerome stands out in the vast sea of speakers with his authority on ethics, storytelling, and humor. His engaging approach to discussing fraud and ethics stems from his own narrative—a powerful story of a white-collar conspiracy gone awry and the resulting 21-month federal prison sentence​.

Uniquely Qualified Felon Is An Ethics Expert

Unlike your average motivational speaker, Jerome brings a unique perspective shaped by real-life adversity. His professional wisdom is laced with raw authenticity, ensuring his message resonates and leads to reflection and transformation within his audience.

Jerome’s life story is a testament to overcoming challenges. From navigating the repercussions of a white-collar crime to battling cancer and recovering from heart surgery, he finds humor in overcoming adversity, proving that life’s obstacles can be surmounted with courage and laughter.

As a seasoned professional, Jerome doesn’t just talk at his audience; he connects with them. His dynamic presentations are not only riveting and humorous but also packed with valuable lessons and insights, allowing him to form a genuine connection with his listeners​.

Jerome Mayne can be the perfect speaker for your event. He will leave an indelible mark on your attendees. He’s not just a speaker; he’s an experience—a melding of humor, authenticity, and motivational wisdom that transforms an ordinary event into an unforgettable encounter.

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Stevie Ray at Mayne Speakers
Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray: Master of Influence and Humor

In the world of corporate training and professional development, Stevie Ray stands out not just for his expertise in influence and leadership training but for his unparalleled ability to infuse humor into each of his engagements.

With a storied career spanning stand-up and improv comedy, Stevie has captivated over 1,000 corporate audiences nationwide, leaving them both enlightened and thoroughly entertained. His sessions are renowned not only for their insightful content but for their laughter-inducing delivery, which has been compared to the wit of comedic greats.

Stevie’s journey began with a passion for making people laugh, a talent he nurtured into a successful career in entertainment, opening for stars like Paula Poundstone and “Weird Al” Yankovic. This foundation in humor has given him a unique edge in the corporate world, enabling him to tackle complex topics like corporate influence with a light-hearted touch that resonates with professionals at all levels.

Speaker Who Means Business

Beyond the humor, Stevie is a dedicated professional with a robust portfolio of leadership training and corporate entertainment, proving that humor can be a powerful tool in business. As a co-founder of the renowned Stevie Rays Improv Company, and a sought-after columnist, his insights into professional development are backed by real-world experience and a deep understanding of the corporate landscape. His authorship of eleven non-fiction books, particularly “The Roadmap to Influence,” underlines his commitment to teaching others how to wield influence effectively.

Stevie’s keynotes always include the humor that life and work invariably provide, making him a memorable speaker whose messages stick. It’s these qualities that make Stevie Ray an exceptional presence on the stage and a standout figure in the realm of corporate speaking.

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Dr. Toby Groves at Mayne Speakers
Dr. Toby Groves

Dr. Toby Groves: A Visionary in High-Stakes Decision-Making

Toby Groves is a distinguished name in the realm of high stakes decision-making and strategic problem-solving within expert environments. His research and speaking engagements are not just informative but are interactive experiences that challenge and expand the thinking quality of his audience. Toby’s commitment to collaborative research and immersive experiences has made him a pivotal figure for professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of ethics and decision-making in their fields.

Through his interactive ‘experiments’, Toby has engaged with more than 700 audiences, fostering a shared journey of discovery. His approach is dynamic, building upon the collective intelligence of his audience to explore the intricacies of the human decision-making process.

Ethics and Immersive Learning Pioneer

Toby’s dedication to ethics and immersive learning experiences sets him apart. His sessions are more than just presentations; they are a confluence of research and practical application, offering hands-on strategies that inspire change. His focus on cognitive insights and ethics resonates with his listeners, empowering them with the knowledge to act decisively and ethically when faced with pivotal moments.

Toby is dedicated to the science of ethical decision-making. As a speaker, he brings a rare depth of understanding to the topic, coupled with actionable strategies that have been refined through years of research and audience interaction. His ability to turn complex theories into understandable and implementable actions makes Toby Groves a vital resource for any organization striving to excel in high-pressure environments.

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